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Too much weight is a growing concern for people around the world. This also applies to Poland. It is the fault of access to highly processed, very calorific food. In other words, we are becoming increasingly obese and less healthy. The result may be increased cholesterol, circulatory system problems, strained joints – these diseases are the price we pay for consumerism. But it is not only our food that affects the plague of obesity, as well as a small amount of exercise – statistically, every Pole exercise four hours less than a dozen or so years earlier.

Fortunately, nowadays we have on the market very high-quality supplements supporting proper metabolism. Those who invest well in the right product – such as Madame Raspberry’s awesome shake – will be able to enjoy health and weight loss much faster than those who follow restrictive diets.

How Madame Raspberry works?

The moment you start following a diet, your body goes into a save mode. In this mode it uses up to 8 times less energy than usual. So, if you return to eating normally after your diet, your body will think that… you eat 8 times more than you really do! Not all the calories will be put in your fat tissue. The result is a yo-yo effect – after a month you will probably weigh more than you did before the diet! That’s unacceptable, there must be a way. There is Madame Raspberry.

Natural shake Madame Raspberry, raspberry flavored created by Prof. Majewska works in a different way than a traditional diet. You don’t have to cut a portion of lunch, pay attention to the time of eating, or starve. Disposal of fat takes place mainly at the cellular level.  Professor Majewska’s holistic formula quickly cleanses the body of toxins and cholesterol, so only 7 days after starting to drink a shake, the doctor’s patients experienced an influx of energy, improved circulation and above all a decrease in body weight. Madame Raspberry is able to make every cell of your body stimulate the elimination of fat. This allows you to use a huge dose of energy, taking it directly from your body fat. The burning of unwanted fat deposits is practically unblocked at the cellular level of the body and maintains this state even after a cocktail.

Unlock the burning of deep-fat deposits today!

But that’s not all. By repairing the metabolism, the brain and serial cells in the body have more energy. This is why memory, logical thinking and skin condition improve. Importantly, Madame Rapsberry’s active ingredients are based on the introduction of fiber and vitamins into the body, which has energizing and appetite suppressing effects. In many cases, losing too much weight too quickly means problems with excess skin and its firmness, but in Madame Rapsberry’s case, Moringa oleifera extract eliminates this problem. Madame Rapsberry’s rapidly regenerating skin shows no tendency to stretch marks or discolorations, and antioxidants counteract cellulite. The nightmare of orange peel on your thighs, stomach and buttocks is no longer your problem.

Madame Rapsberry – clinically proven effectiveness

In 2016, the study conducted by Dr Elżbieta Majewska divided a group of 2138 people into five groups – the first group received Madame Rapsberry’s shake, followed by preparations of various other brands and placebo. After seven weeks of research it turned out that Madame Raspberry’s group dropped an average of 5.9kg per person without a special diet. In this group the glycemic index also improved (by an average of 9.3%) and cholesterol levels dropped by at least 11 points. In addition, the appearance of skin and hair improved. Participants of other groups, including those taking placebo, dropped 1.1kg on average at the same time.

Intake time1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks
Preparation A

(Madame Rapsberry)

Preparation B-3,0kg-3,4kg-2,0kg+0,4kg (yo-yo effect)
Preparation C-2,5kg-2,1kg-2,9kg-3,1kg
Preparation D-0,9kg-2,4kg-1,2kg-1,5kg
Preparation E-1,0kg-1,0kg-1,2kg-2,9kg
Preparation H (placebo)-1,5kg-1,2kg-1,3kg-1,4kg

Madame Rapsberry – composition

Madame Rapsberry’s composition comes from nature, shake contains only known natural and tested plant ingredients.

  1. Moringa oleifera – a stimulating plant used in Chinese folk medicine. It is a very strong fat antagonist, which means it not only speeds up the removal of excess weight, but also has a beneficial effect on the skin, counteracts cellulite and ensures the overall efficiency of the body. This plant has been used for many millennia as an anti-aging agent and the secret of beauty of Chinese women. The extract from this plant, taken at least twice a week, improves circulation, physical performance and has a preventive effect against signs of aging.
  2. Yerba Mate – makes you feel saturated quickly after you drink a shake. A well-known substance that increases metabolism and slows down the process of depositing bad cholesterol in blood vessels. Yerba Mate has been used for thousands of years in East Asia as a substance to counteract weight gain and to promote healthy joints. It has been confirmed by studies that drinking yerba Mate reduces glucose levels to a healthy optimum and prevents heart attacks.
  3. Cardo mariano – contains chlorogenic acid, which reduces the accumulation of simple sugars in the intestines. As a result, the body is forced to use its fat reserves. Additionally, Cardo mariano extract is known to speed up fat burning by 250% compared to a standard diet.

In conclusion, Madame Rapsberry contains only natural, safe, and effective plant extracts. The product is in powder form in convenient sachets, so anyone can easily prepare a shake at home. Simply mix the product with water, milk or yoghurt and drink to literally watch the fat disappear from your stomach, thighs, and buttocks day after day.

Madame Rapsberry – reviews

“As long as I can remember, my husband and I have always been passionate about food. We met at a cooking class. But since we became parents, we have more and more responsibilities and lost control of our weight. I reached 82 kg, my husband 114 kg. In fact, we literally became obese in just six months. This was until we tried to get on a diet with Madame Rapsberry. I’ve never lost weight so fast in my life, even as a teenager.”

Aneta, 32

„I’ve always been obese, but I didn’t realize what a burden it was. Until now. During the medical check-up it turned out that I was prone to diabetes. At that point I realized that obesity was a threat to my life. I found out about Madame Rapsberry just in time… Thanks to this method, I lost 17 kg in just one month! In addition, the sugar and cholesterol returned to normal, even the doctor was happy because I had never had such impeccable results!”

Dorota, 47

“Madame Rapsberry is the first weight loss shake I’ve tried. I’ve been on a lot of diets, but the lost pounds came back quickly. The yo-yo effect was responsible for this, I was definitely not able to keep the diet to the end. I always thought I didn’t have enough time to train and I was still thinking about food.

Madame Rapsberry’s shake mainly suppressed my appetite. Before that I could eat up to eight snacks a day. In the second week of drinking the shake it was completely over, I did not want to eat between meals. I ate smaller portions, and the meals seemed more delicious. After just a few days I was sure that this time I hit the spotlight – I lost over 7kg and it was visible from me. Besides, I could fit in my old pants, the problem with excess skin disappeared. ”

Anna, 44

Madame Rapsberry – best way to lose weight

If you’re fighting with being overweight, Madame Rapsberry will be perfect for you. Due to its completely natural, vegetable composition, this supplement is a very safe way to lose weight. In addition, all the extracts used come from certified crops and their effect has been confirmed by clinical trials.

Madame Raspberry is a delicious solution to your problems with overweight, poor sugar, cellulite, and cholesterol. If you had drank Madame Raspberry before reading our recommendation, your body would have gone into calorie burning mode. So, don’t wait any longer!

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